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3.2 Winmode.

I am sorry that there have been no more tours. Raiding has kept me very busy.
Cheers to 3.2 being out today.

Feathermoon - Horde


 So, I went back and toured Feathermoon Horde side. Please refer to the Alliance Feathermoon post as to why this tour was divided. While the servers are down, I'll post this tour for people to oogle while awaiting the return of their server.

Feathermoon Horde TourCollapse )

So, some real life.


"A hairdresser from the small Russian town of Meshchovsk has subdued a man who tried to rob her shop, and then raped him for three days in the utility room."  Seriously, what?!


That is one serious que!


So, it's patch day....the AD server comes online and seems to be live. I click it to play and BEHOLD!

Well, damn.

Feathermoon Tour - patch day whee!

stop it

  So, while the servers are down I have a partical tour of Feathermoon for everyone :)
 I am sorry this is incomplete. During my install of the new patch, I cleaned out my screenshot gallery to make room on my hard-drive for the new patch. In doing so, I accidently deleted much of the Horde tour. So, at this time I only have the Allie-side Feathermoon tour. I will post the Horde-side tour at a later date. I am sorry about this mixup.

 Feathermoon Tour **IMAGE HEAVY - NOT SAFE FOR WORK**Collapse )

lvl 72 warrior lumberjack


So, I tour the RP servers and document what I see (refer to my personal journal for more details).

 I see ALOT of suck. But tonight, I found this little nugget of win.....I know this is a community dedicated to failure - but....sometimes you find a concept that fails hard enough to also win. I love this character!  The lvl 72 Warrior LumberjackCollapse )

Thorium Brotherhood Tour


So, this visual tour shall be ultra short. I found little to nothing. I do not know why I found so little, only that I took the exact same path on Tb as I do all other servers.

Mondays, around 8pm server time the Horde host a rp gathering in Brill. Additionally, Thorium Brotherhood has an RP event every Tuesday & Thursday night in Ratchet from 9-11pm. Now, on with the tour!

The TB Tour - CLICK HERE! *IMAGE HEAVY*Collapse )


 I'm bored, and an update is over due.

 OMW to Thorium brothers right now. See ya there.

*UPDATE - Tour done as of 9:40 pm est, tour to be posted in the morning.*

From the WoW RP Forums

50 dkp
From the WoW RP forums....

"Since horde has a rock band, why not give alliance a rap group? i mean as long as they don't suck and make their own music. Maybe have a contest and whoever wins gets to be the alliance rap group.

Edit-Btw i think the gnome should be a dj and breakdance on the turn tables "


Wyrmrest Accord - baby server

 So patch 3.0.8 is out today.
As everyone sits around, waiting for the servers to come online I have a "baby tour" for you.

 Wyrmrest Accord is a brand new rp server (less than 1 week old), that currently has free transfers to it from a wide selection of rp realms. I made a lvl 1 alt, and transfered the character over to Allie side to take a peek at what a new rp server is like. I did not follow my usual path on this server, as this is not an 'official' tour, just a sneak peek into a server that is young.

Both the Horde and Allies have rp channels established as /rp and /ooc .

The Wyrmrest Accord **IMAGE HEAVY**Collapse )